Introducing Waterpumps!

Players can now craft waterpumps! Using /waterpump.craft you can craft a waterpump that you can place. They have been tested, but should still be considered in beta mode for the time being. It will have a lantern on it, simply put fuel in the lantern, then turn the lantern on and Bob’s your uncle! This is a HybridRust EXCLUSIVE feature as this plugin was coded by our own Admin.

We hope to increase food and water as well as farming as awesome parts of gameplay, this is a great start to that and we hope you enjoy it!


Q: Why does it cost materials to craft?

A: So they aren’t spammed all over the place.

Q: Does it work properly?

A: Hopefully!

Q: If I press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A will I get a free Waterpump?

A: Not likely but untested.