Raidable Bases

Some bases built in the game are there for players to raid. They are PVP zones and are usually trapped and defensive. Players may raid them as much as they wish. There will be this sign on the base clearly marking it as raidable.

In an effort to make it more fun, challenging, and realistic, traps and turrets WILL BE on the OUTSIDE of the bases, so steer clear for safety. Turrets will target you even if you are naked, traps will go off if you step on them.

Raidable bases are clearly marked with this image. The image will be high and visible from all sides.

This idea will likely stick around, though it may vary a bit. We want to give players who have an itch for action a good scratch.

There is loot inside the bases, the amount varies. In no way is there a promise that you will profit from the raid.

Enjoy this feature and happy raiding!