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Skip night is here!

We have added voting to be able to skip night time. Some players struggle in the darkness, and although our night time is shortened, sometimes it is nice to skip it. If half of the people playing want to skip it, simply type /voteday when you see the vote come up and it can be skipped!

This has been added to both PVP and PVE servers.


NPC Names Updated

To make NPCs in the game easier to recognize, they will now have their description in brackets.

Example: Tia [Quest NPC]

This should make the NPCs easier to recognize as well as their role in the game.


Keep up to date in Discord!

We now have a fancy, well kind of fancy, Discord Bot that pushes all of our updates and information to discord! The Announcements channel is where it’s at!


Store Opened!

Several of you have asked if it is possible to buy certain things, so we have launched a Store located here on the website. Link up at the top of the pages here, we will add more things as we go.

You will still earn RP the same as before, but for people who just don’t want to wait (Or just want to support the server), you now have the option to outright purchase things in our store.

Please pay attention to what server a purchase is for! It will be clearly labeled.


New PVP Server!

We are launching another server that will be pure PVP. Details and site updates will follow. Bear with us as we get this new one up and running. We look forward to providing you a great PVP server!


Server and Website Opened

We are pleased to announce that the website and server are officially open! Bugs happen, hopefully minimal, but poopoo happens. Thanks for checking us out! We hope you enjoy your stay, and remember HybridRust is constantly evolving and dynamic so be on lookout for changes, updates, and all kinds of new things.