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Skip night is here!

We have added voting to be able to skip night time. Some players struggle in the darkness, and although our night time is shortened, sometimes it is nice to skip it. If half of the people playing want to skip it, simply type /voteday when you see the vote come up and it can be skipped!

This has been added to both PVP and PVE servers.


NPC Names Updated

To make NPCs in the game easier to recognize, they will now have their description in brackets.

Example: Tia [Quest NPC]

This should make the NPCs easier to recognize as well as their role in the game.


Hotel is here!

We have added a Hotel to Town! We have added Economics, which for now you can purchase with RP in the /s store by clicking on the exchange tab. Now let’s get to the good info!

There are 12 rooms in the Hybrid Rust Hotel and renting one is as easy as walking in, literally! Simply go inside the hotel by using the elevator, find a room that is unlocked (You can tell because the codelock will be green) and open the door!

If you want info on your room, or to check vacancy, talk to Sasha the Hotel Manager who is right outside the elevator!

Rooms cost 250 coins per day.


Elevators Are Here!

On the PVE Server we have added elevators that players can create and use on their base! This will be a sweet addition to all of those awesome bases we have seen you build.

The amount of floors you can create is relative to server rank, head on over to the Ranks page for more details!


Store Opened!

Several of you have asked if it is possible to buy certain things, so we have launched a Store located here on the website. Link up at the top of the pages here, we will add more things as we go.

You will still earn RP the same as before, but for people who just don’t want to wait (Or just want to support the server), you now have the option to outright purchase things in our store.

Please pay attention to what server a purchase is for! It will be clearly labeled.


Treasures Incoming!

Treasure boxes will now be dropped on the map at random times! They WILL be PVP zones so be careful! Who knows what kind of enemies could be guarding it! (PVE SERVER ONLY)

Be safe and get rich! Have fun!


Laptop Require to Hack Crates (PVE SERVER)

A plugin created by our Admin TheSurgeon now adds a bit of difficulty to hacking a crate. You must have a Targeting Computer in your inventory to hack the crate. Also, it WILL consume it. So you will need another Targeting Computer to hack another one. Good luck and have fun!


Shooting Gallery is LIVE!

After some great design from Moderator Fauxskillz, we have designed and implemented a Shooting Gallery! Here is a video showcase with more info below:

Pretty nifty huh? Here’s how it works: You walk into the gallery and go in a booth that isn’t being used, flip the switch, shoot the target as many times as you can before the timer runs out, get loot! Scrap specifically, rewarded on your hit shots.

Hopefully this is fun and enjoyable!


Levels are now implemented!

Players start out at level 1 in Mining, Gathering, Wood Cutting, Skinning, and Crafting. The more you level up, the more efficient you are. Max level for skills is 200. Get to work! The more you play the better you do!


Raidable Bases

Some bases built in the game are there for players to raid. They are PVP zones and are usually trapped and defensive. Players may raid them as much as they wish. There will be this sign on the base clearly marking it as raidable.

In an effort to make it more fun, challenging, and realistic, traps and turrets WILL BE on the OUTSIDE of the bases, so steer clear for safety. Turrets will target you even if you are naked, traps will go off if you step on them.

Raidable bases are clearly marked with this image. The image will be high and visible from all sides.

This idea will likely stick around, though it may vary a bit. We want to give players who have an itch for action a good scratch.

There is loot inside the bases, the amount varies. In no way is there a promise that you...